Written by: Kenneth Grahame 

Narration by: Roger Quennell

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The Background

I have always loved reading aloud, and after repeated encouragement from my children, I decided to start recording audio books. This book is my first, but I hope to record more in the near future. When I read about the characters in “Wind in the Willows,” they come to life for me, and I aim to reflect that in my narration. Please let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it, or have any suggestions.

The Process

It took me approximately one hour to record each chapter and then another two hours to edit. The images were all created using Midjourney, taking about 20 minutes each to create and edit them. The entire process, including recording, editing, image creation, and uploading, took about half a day per chapter. I hope the listener deems it worthwhile.

—Roger Quennell