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Three Stone Farm

Fresh vegetables, locally grown in Interlaken, the heart of the Finger Lakes
We strive to grow the highest quality fruit and vegetables around. Visit us at the Trumansburg Farmers Market, or give us a call and come to the farm to say hello.

Our Newest Recipes

Some of our recent recipes to make your time at the dinner table more memorable.

Chocolate CakeBy Romneya QuennellOur family's chocolate cake recipe. We mainly make cakes just for birthdays so we tend to go all in with multiple layers and ornamentation, but you can make this as simple as you like.
Corn BreadBy Romneya QuennellThere's nothing like a slice of cornbread to go along with chili or beans!
Drunkards NoodlesBy Roger QuennellRice noodles cooked with basil, tomato, pepper and onion make up this quick and delicious dish!
Tikka MasalaBy Avani QuennellA popular Indian dish flavored with tomatoes garlic and with meat marinated in yogurt.

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