Gingerbread House – Baby Bear

We made this gingerbread house for an Ovid library gingerbread house contest. If you don’t recognize it, it’s the ‘Baby Bear’ from the Three Bears courthouse buildings in Ovid.

Everything you see is edible, except for the star decorations around the top, and is made of either gingerbread or fondant. We used our 3D printer to create a brick stamp to emboss the brick pattern, and applied a wash of food coloring, water, and cinnamon for the color.

The windows were crafted from candied sugar and were transparent, so we placed a USB light inside to shine through the windows, with the cable routed through a groove in the bottom of the base. The woodpile consists of gingerbread logs, the axe is made of fondant and a cinnamon stick, and fondant is used as snow covering the top. The pillars are dowels wrapped with fondant. This was our first gingerbread house, and we had a blast making it and then our chickens had a blast eating it. I should have recorded footage of them looking like Godzilla, stepping on it and pecking it apart!


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