Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

The Queen of storage crops, delicious, sweet and nutritious!

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Sweet potatoes are a crop we adore, and every Fall it’s a treat to get them out of the ground and packed up for you!THE QUENNELL FAMILY

‘Orleans’ – Moderately moist, orange skin and flesh

Some of the steps to grow sweet potatoes

  • Order slips by March to make sure they don’t sell out
  • Plow next years field and sow it to a cover crop of buckwheat for rotation
  • Plow this years field and build hills for the future sweet potato slips
  • Unpack slips from their shipping boxes the last week of May
  • Heal them into potting soil to let them start rooting for 1 week in the greenhouse
  • Plant them out into the prepared hills
  • Water them twice daily for the first week
  • Cultivate, cultivate, cultivate…
  • Hand pull all the weeds that made it through cultivation
  • After 4 or more months from planting day (usually October)…
  • Mow down the vines to get them ready for harvest
  • Cut the sides of the hills with discs to further remove the tangle of vines
  • Harvest the roots into bins
  • Pick up the irrigation tape out of the field
  • Plow and if it’s early enough in the season plant a cover.
  • Place the bins into a curing room at 85°F and high humidity for 7 days (without this step they are bland, starchy, and don’t store!)
  • Cool them back down to 55° for storage
  • Wash and pack into boxes and bins
  • Market and sell them
  • Spend the winter eating roasted sweet potatoes
  • Repeat…